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frequently asked questions

Yes – you are very welcome.  Many people join to ask advice about what American car or truck would be best for them before they make the commitment of buying one.

€25.00 for Adults per year
€15.00 for Students per year

The club is based at our purpose built clubhouse in Kilbeggan, Co.Westmeath, just opposite the racecourse entrance.

Of course, you would be most welcome.  We are a very friendly, non-heirachical, welcoming bunch of guys/gals, happy to spend our time and knowledge with people interested in American cars and trucks.

The club meets every Thursday night in the clubhouse in Kilbeggan in the summer months and every other Thursday night in the winter months (as defined by when the clocks go forward and back).  All are welcome.  You will have an opportunity to meet members and have a chat. We are always happy to give advice or information if you have any questions.  Or just bring your new purchase down and show it off for us to drool over!

There are specialist magazines such as Irish Vintage Scene, Classic American and others which advertise American cars and trucks for sale.
The Internet and web sites like ebay and DoneDeal are becoming increasing popular.
Car shows are also a good way of finding a prospective vehicle.
Some of our members will be pleased to use their experience to help you import an American car or truck from the USA or Canada. 
Alternatively contact any of our members.  We will always give you free impartial advice.  We would rather help and guide people to buy the right American car or truck for them, rather than see them make an expensive mistake by buying an inappropriate vehicle or buying one from the wrong place.

Most American vehicles come into Ireland from the UK, but some are brought in from the USA/Canada directly.  There are differences in costs depending on where the vehicle has been purchased.  Do not be afraid of getting a vehicle direct from the UK.  If you are considering an older vehicle you will often get a better quality vehicle if you get it direct from the USA/Canada.  Certainly the choice of vehicle is wider in the USA.

Vehicles coming from the UK must be VRT cleared no matter what age the vehicle is.  If the vehicle is over 30 years old it is considered a classic and there is a flat rate of €200.00.
When the vehicle is purchased the seller must fill out the appropriate section of the V5 form (equivalent to Irelands vehicle registration certificate). This is sent to the DVLA in the UK by the seller and in turn a new V5 form will be sent to you, the buyer, showing the vehicle details and that the vehicle has been exported from the UK.
The vehicle can now be registered in Ireland.

Specialist import agencies will import a vehicle for you from the USA or Canada, either directly to Ireland or to the UK, where shipping can be significantly cheaper and the Customs clearance process simpler.  Once a car has been imported to the UK it can be registered in Ireland on its original US title document and UK Customs clearance form.

No!  We do not charge anyone exhibit an AMERICAN car, truck or bike any entry fee to the show.  The driver and all passengers get in for free.  Without the exhibitors, there world be no show.  We appreciate your time and effort in bringing your vehicles to the show.

Yes, there is a limited area for campers, motor homes and tents at the showgrounds in the days before the show.

All trade stands must be prebooked with the event organiser.  You must have the correct insurances in place. Preference is given to traders whom have attended previous shows.  The type of trade stalls and numbers are at the discretion of the event organiser.   Right of admission is reserved.

There an numerous places around the country that service and repair American vehicles.  See our directory here

Dogs are welcome.  They must be on a short leash.  You must clean up after your dog.  The show will be crowded and noisy with sirens, engines revving, music, burn outs, air horns, PA system etc.  Bear this in mind before you decide to bring your pet.