a few words about us

Midland American Auto Club was formed by American car and truck enthusiasts for American car and truck enthusiasts in 2001.  Our goals are simple.  We wish to enjoy our hobby, share our experiences and have some fun together.

We are a friendly group and are willing to pass on information and advice to those who wish to start this great hobby, be it where to get a car or truck, where to get parts, or how to deal with the importing, registering, taxing and insuring of an American car or truck.

We come from all walks of life and are always welcome new members.   We meet most Thursday evenings in Kilbeggan.  If you are interested in dropping in to for a tea, coffee or chat you can find us HERE

very approachable.  Some people have many cars and or trucks, some only one, some have projects which have been years in the making and still are.

We have an annual All-American Car, Truck and Bike Show event on the club grounds in April, which is the largest of its kind in Ireland and attracts vehicles from all over the country, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and direct from the USA.

If you would like some more information, check out our FAQ page and Membership page.